Caring For your Silk Shirt

Published: 25th February 2011
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Nobody can refute that silk feels fantastic against your skin while also looking great. However they donít come cheap. Therefore, to make sure your silk shirts prove to be worthwhile purchases, proper care is integral.

Despite the fact that anyone donning a silk shirt would undoubtedly be careful when consuming food or drink, we often do not realise the destruction that alcohol, and subsequently goods containing it, can cause. Hairspray, perfume and aftershave all contain alcohol, therefore if using these items, make sure to apply them before donning your shirt, and also make sure to hold out a short while after application, so that your skin is entirely dry.

A good number of producers of silk shirts will state on the label that you must dry clean only. Albeit the fact that dry cleaning is the optimal way to preserve your shirts condition for the lengthiest time, usually, it will not cause any big issues should you choose to clean your shirts at home.

However, with silk (and all other expensive materials), you should never guess at the best cleaning technique. Read the label with care. The label may claim that anything besides dry cleaning will cause the shirts colour to bleed. In such cases, your best bet would be to line the local dry cleaners pockets. Having said that, you can test the shirt if you're unsure that it will bleed - just clean the shirt in a small inconspicuous place, for example, the back of the cuff. Then again, the shirts label may state that machine washing is okay. If this is the situation, you should always, always, use a gentle wash and a low temperature.

If your shirt isnít suitable for machine washing then you need to go back to basics with a bowl and hand wash. Ensure to use a gentle liquid detergent devoid of bleaches or brighteners, and water that is warm, never hot. If there are any stains, massage them very carefully and gently, and when clean, rinse out the shirt in cold water. Should you wish, it is also safe to use a small amount of vinegar as a natural stain remover.

When drying your silk shirts, donít ever twist the clothing in order to remove excess water, as the shirts shape could be lost permanently. As a way to take out any excess water you ought to, with great care, roll the shirt into a towel and then use a clothes hanger to dry the shirt naturally.

When ironing silk shirts, always iron on the reverse side of the material, and employ a tea towel as a wall between the iron and the shirt. A hot iron can easily lead to marking on fabrics of such a delicate nature as silk, so let the tea towel sport iron marks instead.

Last but not least, never let your silk shirts spend too much time in strong sunlight. While it might be tempting to dry your clothing faster in the sunshine, the Ultra Violet rays will cause the colour to fade plus over time, may also result in yellow stains.

This article was written by R. Deans on behalf of Patra, expert suppliers of silk shirts and other silk clothing. For more information on silk shirts please visit

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